The Batten Endowment Challenge Donors

During 2012-2014, The Portsmouth Museum's Foundation was a participant in the Batten Endowment Challenge - a program designed to create a lasting source of funding for nonprofit organizations working to improve the educational attainment of children and youth in South Hampton Roads.

This special fund, started with a $1 million gift from the Batten Endowment Challenge provided by philanthropists Frank and Jane Batten and administered by the Norfolk Foundation. The fund provided for the maintenance of exhibits and future Museum programs.



Batten Endowment Challenge Donors

$5,000 and above

Beazley Foundation
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Helen G. Gifford Foundation
Mrs. Mildred Lancaster

$3,500 and above
Saunders & Barbara Early
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gartman

$1,500 and above
George K. Eberwine
Charlotte & Gil Minor
P.I.T. Foundation
John & Betty St. George
Al & Kim Schweizer

$1,000 and above
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bangel
Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Bray
Sarah & Milton Brown
Millicent Anne Carney
Child & Family Advised Fund of
   Patrick & Karen Callahan
Matthew N. F. Davis
A. Dodson’s
Elizabeth River Garden Club
Frogland Farms
Dr. Philip Geib & EAnn Stokes
Benn Boyd Griffin
Patricia B. & Leslie Halstead, Jr.
Mary & Herb Haneman
William s. Hargroves
Dr. & Mrs. Harold P. Heafner, Jr.
Dorothy M. Hill
H. Alexander Johnson
Cecelia & Ray Joseph
Stephen & Megan Korving
W. F. Magann Corporation
Laura Quinn McDermott
Mary Welton Meredith
Willard J. Moody, Sr.
Moreland Family
Dan Peterson
Trey & Christine Piersall
Prentis Park Reunion Committee
Ann D. Reed
Susan G. Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sasser
Peter & Elizabeth Schleck
Mr. and Mrs. Scribner
Dan Swanson
Al & Fran Taylor
Trinity Christmas Shoppe
Randy & Lelia Graham Webb
Richard E. H. Wentz
Robert & Judith Williams
Ken & Michelle Wren
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wren, Sr.
Mayor Kenneth & Thomasina Wright